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Pioneer Dragon is a unique set-up that provides comprehensive services to the players in the oil and gas industry. It offers a diverse suite of products across the spectrum, from initial marine and seismic consultation, brokerage and financial services, human resources training and development, equipment, engineering and technical support to turnkey power solutions for onshore and offshore applications.

As a one-stop destination, we are empowered to facilitate the clients' needs and provide customize services through our partnerships with leading experts in the oil and gas arena. We are committed to enhancing our clients' profit margins through the delivery of effective and superior solutions.

Our Vision

To provide the highest quality services to our partners and clients in the oil and gas industry.

Our Mission

  • To be the centre of excellence for oil, gas and chemical engineering service providers.
  • To assist and facilitate our partners and clients, so as to meet and exceed their goals as well as expectations.
  • To become a recognized partner that provides advanced knowledge, technology and high quality services through added value to strategic clients and¬†partners
  • To deliver cost effective, timely and innovative service quality to all our esteemed clients worldwide.

Our Partners

  • Petrovietnam Drilling & Well Services Corporation
  • PVD Training
  • Air Energi
  • PT. Bahtera Niaga Internasional



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