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Brokerage & Finance Services

Pioneer Dragon offers a broad range of brokerage and financial assistance to ensure quality inspection, safe passage of products to their destinations and due-diligence contract work.

  • Brokerage for Time and Bareboat charters
  • Brokerage for Sales & Purchase
  • Brokerage for New-Building
  • Vessel Valuations
  • Due Diligence and Market Research
  • New build or conversion Project Management and Systems Integration
  • CMID and OVID Audits and Reports, Survey and Inspections
  • Dynamic Positioning Consultancy
  • Specialist Marine Manning
  • Legal and Insurance Clains Support (Expert Witness)
  • Contract Analysis, Drafting and Negotiation
  • Technical Editing and Business Writing
  • Project financing

Marine Consultations

  • Marine Consultation
  • Project Coordination
  • Equipment and Vessel Construction Financing
  • On Hire / Off Hire Surveys
  • Vessel Condition Surveys

Training & Development

We offer training courses to build your teams' expertise. We can tailor our courses to fit your fleet and requirements, and conduct them in both traditional classroom learning and also distance learning. Our trainers have vast international experiences, gained from instructing different culture participants, and strive to keep each participant interested and engaged during the learning process.

  • Onshore and Offshore
  • Equipment Verification
  • Commissioning
  • In House Training Consultancy
  • In House Training Enhancement
  • Tailor Made Courses
  • On Line Examination Materials
  • On Line Examination Submission
  • Sub Sea Training Programs

Drilling Related Services

  • Training & Certification
  • Maritime Technical Services (Lifeboat, Life raft)
  • Project Manpower Supply in Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas Industry
  • Equipment Services
  • Professional Manpower Services
  • Technical Review
  • Onshore & Offshore Safety Training & Certification
  • Procurement of materials, equipment and spare parts for oil & gas and other industries
  • Maintenance services
  • Design, engineering and manufacture services
  • Drilling and Production Technical Services
  • OCTG management services
  • Logistics Services
  • Industrial Explosive Storage, Management and Transport for Oilfield Industry
  • Mud Logging Services
  • Solid Control Services
  • Oil Tools Rental Services
  • Oil Spill Response Services
  • Drilling Manpower Supply Services
  • Inspection, Maintenance and Workshop Services
  • Technical Consultancy Services
  • Tubular Running Service
  • Solid Control and Filtration Service
  • Man Aged Pressure Drilling (MPD)Hydraulic Work-over Service
  • Casing Cold Cutting Service
  • Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Service
  • Logging While Drilling (LWD) Service
  • Fishing and P &S Service
  • Drilling Bits
  • Cementing

Completion and Production

  • Liner Hanger Service
  • Completion Equipment Service
  • Intelligent Well Completion Service
  • Early Production Service

Formation Evaluation

  • Electrical Wireline Logging Service
  • Well Testing and Perforating Service
  • Sampling Service and Management (Surface & Downhole)
  • Coring Service
  • Artificial Lift Service
  • Well Intervention Service
  • Reservoir Consulting Service
  • Well Stimulation
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Nitrogen Pumping Service
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Service

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Personal carrier
    Billy Pugh (USA Brand) X 800 Series, X 871 Series, X 900 Series, X 904 Series, X 871 Series
    - Life Boat, Ring Busy, Swing Rope
    - Boat Rescue Nets
    - Helideck nets
    - Scramble Nets
    - Personal work Basket
    - Collapsible Cargo basket
    - Derrick Baskets

  • Cover All (LAKELAND USA Brand)
    - Chemical
    - Arch Protection
    - Fire Protection
    - Thermal Protection

  • RAE System (QRAE2 Brand)
    - Hazard Detector (for Gas Safety)
    - Can detect O2, CO, CO2, H2s, and Combustible Gas
    - Life Jackets
    - Gloves
    - Helmets
    - Google Glass

    - Anderdrift Vertical Inclination Indicator Rental
    - Rigsese® Rig Site Information System (Software & Hardware) Rental/ Sale
    - Wildcat Auto Drillers (WADs) for Rental/Sale


  1. Geodetic Survey
    a. Control Point Establishment
    b. Topographic Survey
  2. Navigation and Positioning
    a. Barge Management System for Offshore
    Construction Support: Platform & Pipeline Installation, FPSO, Rig Move,BMS,TMS, etc
    b. ROV and Diving Support
  3. Hydrographic & Oceanographic Survey
    a. 2D/ 3D Bathymetric Survey and Seafloor Mapping
    b. Tidal, Wave, ADCP and Meteorology Survey
  4. Geophysical Survey
    a. 2D Seismic for Exploration
    b. 2D High Resolution Seismic for Hazard
        Site Survey – Capable up to 120 Channel
    c. Analogue Site Survey
    d. Pipeline / Cable Route Survey
    e. Mines Investigation Survey
    f. Scout Survey to clear designated survey area from any fish nets & other potential
    hazard prior 2D/3D Seismic Survey Operation
  5. Geotechnical Survey
    Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore Geotechnical Investigation
    Laboratory Oil Testing
    Geotechnical Engineering Analysis for Platform Design,
    Jack-Up Rig, Pipeline Route, etc
    Foundation Analysis of Onshore Structures
    Seabed CPT/CPTU, SPT, Vibro Coring and Piston Core Sampling


We connect our clients with highly-trained professionals who are industry experts dedicated to serve.

Professional commercial divers experienced in subsea services and the use of current electronic inspection on equipment. Crew and Personnel management Pay-rolling

  • Technical Contractor / Consulting – The Identification, Mobilization and support
    of technical consultants assigned to major oil and gas projects worldwide.
  • Assignment Support – Tax and payroll, immigration, transport, health, security,
    accommodation and on-going care.
  • Commissioning and Inspection Resources – Fully equipped, multi-disciplined teams
    for major oil and gas capital development projects.
  • Search and Selection – Bespoke contingent, retained and volume recruitment campaigns
    for permanent staff needs.
  • Recruitment In-sourcing – Experienced oil and gas recruitment experts assigned into
    client organizations to enable large scale recruitment programs.
  • RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) – Stream-lined processes, cost reduction, risk
    mitigation and compliance, through recruitment management system integration and vendor

Offshore Solutions

  1. MOPU: Mobile Offshore Production Unit.
  2. MdWHP: Modular Detachable well Head Platform (Proprietary Ownership).
  3. MOPSU: Mobile Offshore Production & Storage Unit (Proprietary Ownership).
  4. Drilling Rigs (MS & MC <250' water depth) with Early Production Systems or as
    Workover Rigs and/or for Ultra Short Radius Drilling.
  5. Drillship – Pelican Class, Gusto Designed 1982 < 5,200' water depth.
  6. Flow Assured System & Technologies: Microwave technology as a heating source
    for managing waxy crudes.
  7. ERF: Enhanced Recovery Facility for EOR activities (Proprietary Ownership).

Other Services:

  • Marine Consultation Services
  • Project Coordination Services
  • Vessel Condition Surveys
  • Vessel Delivery Support
  • Drilling, Oil & Gas Equipment
  • Manufacturing & Services
    Material Supply
    General Supply
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